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Most traffic exchanges are just that, traffic exchanges, and they've been that way since the first ones started popping up around 1994.

We took a look at the formula and thought “it’s the 21st century, how can we make our exchanges reflect that?”. We thought that traffic exchanges ought to be more than just people clicking and clicking just to get credits.

We believed traffic exchanges had potential to be viable marketing options as well as entertaining and engaging, something that would make surfers want to actually pay attention to our member’s sites.

We experimented and used our knowledge of social media, digital marketing, and running other online businesses to build a new kind of traffic exchange.

We also studied what other owners were doing and investigated various scripts and plugins and we figured out how to fully utilize the tools and methods that others seemed to miss the full potential of.

We created more than just a holding company with some fancy exchanges, we created a real Traffic Delivery Network...

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2016

HitsBoosterPro was an experiment for Traffic Insider. When HBP joined our family in 2016, we began trying out many of the features that our exchanges are known for; such as our brilliant graphics, fun characters, community-driven approach, and games and competitions. HBP is one of our largest exchanges and almost always the first to receive our innovative updates.

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2016

Inspired by old and new Sci-Fi classics alike, StarPowerHits is often rated as our most entertaining exchange. Packed with action-packed games and story-based objectives, SPH blasts your site into traffic hyperspace! SPH is known for it's characters, team-based promotions, games, and surfing, and active community of surfers.

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2016

A true surfer's paradise, LimeHits4u is a classic exchange with a long history. LH4u brings the beach to your desktop (or laptop or mobile device) with it's island summer vacation inspired theme. LH4u is perhaps our "chillest" exchange, members are known to hang out or "lime" with each other as they surf.

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2016

"Don’t Lose Your Site In The Big City... Help It Stand Out Like A Giant Sky Scraper!" SkyScraperSurf is the high-rise penthouse suite of traffic exchanges, offering great ratios, grand promotions, and fun-filled games. SSS puts your site on the up and up!

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2017

An already popular and beloved exchange, High-Hits joined the Traffic Insider family in 2017. High-Hits has a history of being themed around nature, but in 2018 was due for a graphical update. Respecting the established theme and realizing most of it's surfers grew up in the 60's, Traffic Insider reinvigorated High-Hits with a "hippy" inspired design.

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2017

RecipeForHits was an established Ventrio exchange before joining TrafficInsider and receiving a series of updates. A delicious exchange that's sure to delight, RFH offers a generous Surf Ratio and more surfer rewards than you can imagine!

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2017

Starting out as an outdated Ventrino-based exchange, Race Course Hits was given the full Traffic Insider treatment after it joined the family. Head off to the races as you surf with others to increase your odds of gaining traffic! RCH has been around for years and is here to stay!

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2018

eTrafficBooster is a high-powered energy drink themed exchange created with sites that need a boost in traffic in mind. Launched in late 2018, eTB became an instant hit with surfers overnight.

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2019

Advertising Know How is an established and well known exchange that was acquired by Traffic Insider in 2019. AKH has been in operation since 2004 and has over 93847 at the time of this writing. AKH is one of Traffic Insider's largest exchanges!

Joined the Traffic Insider family in 2019

Re-invented with social media, social media marketing, and communities in mind, HitsViral is back in action! HV can't guarantee you'll go viral over night; but, with a large engaged team-based community, getting your content seen has never been easier.

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